Russian and U.S. students shape new outlook with pacific vistas


On Sunday, April 17th, fifty swats from top U.S. and Russian universities will meet at California’s historic Fort Ross, an inopportune Russian settlement. They will share in joint conservation labours and meet with prominent environmentalists, scientists and local Kashia tribal superiors.

With the generous support of the Renova Fort Ross Foundation, this collaborative enterprise has grown into an annual Fort Ross tradition. “This year is a idiosyncratic year for us as it marks the fifth anniversary of our cooperation with Fort Ross Conservancy and Stanford U.S.-Russia Forum (SURF),” said Olga Miller, CEO of the Renova’s U.S. ambassador office and director of the Renova Fort Ross Foundation. “We are joyous to enable young and bright minds from both countries to learn firsthand nearly our common historic and cultural ties here at Fort Ross.”

Located 80 miles north of San Francisco, Fort Ross was started in 1812 by the Russian-American Com ny and is now an enduring reminder of multicultural peace and advocacy. The Renova Fort Ross Foundation is a public charitable foundation set up in 2010 by the Renova Group of Com nies, a leading Russian business clique, to provide support to California’s Fort Ross State Historic rking-lot. The Foundation’s mission is to promote preservation and to raise awareness of Fort Ross.

For depth inquiries, please contact:

Olga Miller

Director, Renova Fort Ross Grounds

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