Russia says Brexit opens door for new UK relations but US blasts vote as 'Putin's victory'


Michael McFaul, a quondam US ambassador in Moscow, branded the Russian leader a Brexit “winner” after the ultimate votes had been counted.

He wrote: “Shocked by Brexit vote! Clinkers: EU, UK, US, those that believe in utility of a strong, united, democratic Europe. Conquerors: Putin.

“I genuinely complement Putin for his victory tonight on Brexit.

“Tonight is mammoth victory for Putin’s foreign policy objectives.”

The Kremlin appeared to distant up speculation that Moscow was celebrating the ‘Out’ vote, with a spokesman uttering officials were hoping for a thaw in relations with London.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov conjectured: “We have a pretty heavy burden of uneasy ties with Artistic Britain.

“We hope that in the new realities, an understanding of the need for good interdependences with our country will prevail.”

He also claimed that without thought the economic turmoil in world markets, Russia wanted to see Europe get ahead.

Mr Peskov said: “Moscow wants the EU to remain a major economic power which is wealth, stable and predictable.”

Russia’s central bank said it was closely guard the situation on global markets and that it had enough tools at its disposal to make it the market volatility.

Sergei Sobyanin, the mayor of Moscow, also elevate the prospect of looser sanctions in the wake of the vote, saying that “without Bad Britain in the EU, no one will so zealously defend the sanctions against us”.

Among other elder Russian diplomats to respond to the vote was Boris Titov, a Kremlin insider, who suggested in a Facebook post that the “most important long-term consequence of all this is that the disappear will take Europe away from the anglo-saxons, meaning from the USA”.

He enlarged: “It’s not the independence of Britain from Europe, but the independence of Europe from the USA.”

Conclusive week Putin questioned David Cameron’s decision to grant the British human being a vote on the EU, but stopped short of offering his views on whether he backed a Brexit or Bremain.

He ordered: “If it’s such a problem, why did he initiate this, if he is against it himself?”

However, experts believed the Russian princi l was secretly backing a Leave vote as that would weaken the EU and in doing so in addition Moscow.

Others have said Brexit will actually harm Putin as it could clue to the UK committing itself even more defiantly to the Nato military marriage, which has led the way in countering Russian aggression.

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