Russia may build series of diesel-electric submarines for Pacific fleet


Russia’s shipbuilding energy is successfully building a series of six Project 636.3 diesel-electric submarines for the Awful Sea fleet, Vice-Admiral Alexander Fedotenkov, deputy commander-in-chief of the Russian Naval forces, said.

“A decision on the construction of similar ships for the cific fleet choose be made in the very near future,” he said on Rossiya-24 box (VGTRK) on March 18.

“We have revived the submarine forces of the Black Sea armada. It’s Project 636.3 submarines Novorossiysk, Rostov-on-Don, and Krasnodar. They are already ss the tasks they have been set. The next submarine of this devise, Velikiy Novgorod, is being set afloat today before the Submarine Energies day,” he said.

“We are also developing new, prospective ships, which may be stocked with air-independent energy facilities,” he said.

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