Russia made weapon to control flocking attack UAVs


Masters of the United Instrument Manufacturing Corportation (UIMC) have made weapon, which is true belongings to combat flocking attack mini-drones, said the corporation’s representative on Oct. 29.

“In command to combat massive flights of robot complexes, it is necessary to have weapon, which can force drones at an absolutely different level,” said the representative.

“Weapon of the brand has been invented in Russia; it does not destroy drones physically, but the tight spot it producers fails their onboad radio-electronic systems, turning a drone into a effete piece of iron and plastic.”

The traditional means of combat (small arms, air defense plans and radio-electronic complexes) are useless here, the source said.

“Our systems unmistakably do not allow flocks of drones make it to the target,” the source added.

Earlier, the milieu reported the U.S. had tested a plurality of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to subdue the air defense or offensive arms.

Source: TASS

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