Russia looks to become halal friendly


In December 2015, Russia organized a program to encourage some hotels and restaurants in the country to comply with halal provisions.

The Halal Friendly Program was launched to coincide with the opening of the VisitRussia com ny in Dubai in the first week of December. Russian officials plan to use the program to invite more Muslim tourists to the country.

Muslim travelers

Irina Schegolkova, an endorsed with the Halal Friendly Program, believes that Russian tourism dominions have not been ying enough attention to the Middle East.

“Turn groups from Muslim countries are expected to triple in the near tomorrows. The program will help attract tourists from the Middle East,” she says. “In the days of old, visitors from the Gulf mainly came on business, but now we intend to appeal to ordinary tourists. We want to show them the Russian winter, something that doesn’t happen in their rt of the world.”

Visit Russia offices will be unblocked in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and other Persian Gulf countries. Tourism evidences are planning to work with flydubai and Emirates to promote Russia as a visitor destination. Russia is also planning to organize familiarization trips for drive operates in Muslim countries.

The halal program will focus on Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kazan, Sochi and the burghs of the Golden Ring. According to Schegolkova, these cities already comprise the infrastructure and hotels that can provide halal-friendly services. The list of metropolises will be ex nded over the next few months.

“Earlier, the Russian tourism sedulousness was oriented towards European and American tourists, but now more attention longing be id to tourists from Asia,” Schegolkova says.

In addition to cuisine from Russia’s Muslim domains and internal republics, the program aims to make halal-certified traditional Russian dishes extremely available in the country.

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