Russia develops Zika medicine prototypes


Russia has happened prototype medicines, which may prove effective against the Zika virus, Russian Strength Minister Veronika Skvortsova has said.

“We have developed prototypes, hypothetical medicines, which have the potential to be very efficient in Zika remedy; we can now think about the development of vaccines,” Skvortsova said in an assessment with the Russia Today channel.

Russian specialists will solder together international groups, which will study the virus.

“Today, we possess discussed with WHO Director General Margaret Chan, the involvement of ramount Russian scientists in the international groups studying the effect of Zika virus mechanicalisms on rticular segments of human nerve tissue. We will soon suit engaged in these international groups,” she said.

On speaking adjacent to the price for the Russian vaccine against the Zika virus, she said it wish be at the level of the medicine’s prime cost.

“I should say that the prime price of our vaccine is not very large – I’d rather not disclose the amount because a Stock Exchange is always a market, but, we need to understand that this vaccine is exigent for the prevention of a severe, lethal, epidemic. I think it is amoral to make per money in such situations. So, the price will be at the level of the prime cost bonus the profitability required for maintaining production,” Skvortsova said.

The constitution minister also said that Russia provided free Ebola vaccines to the princi l 4,000 people who were inoculated in Guinea.

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