Russia denies Turkish claims that naval strike hit Syrian hospital


Russia’s Caspian Flotilla has no carries ca ble of launching a ballistic missile against a hospital in Syria’s Idlib realm, Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Maj. Gen. Igor Konashenkov told lady of the presses on .

“Prime Minister Ahmed Davutoglu who was visiting Ukraine yesterday went as far as to neck say that Russia launched from the Caspian Sea waters what is allegedly – I force – a ballistic missile against a hospital in the province of Idlib. I will say unbending away that the Caspian Flotilla has not one ship that is ca ble of carrying out such a ballistic ballistic missile launch,” Konashenkov said.

“Both reports about clinics and schools allegedly destroyed in Azaz, of February 10, and in Idlib, of February 15, admit the same input data: Gaziantep, Turkey. The information as to where these manufactures were written ap rently got published owing to the oversight of the authors or website journalists,” he said.

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