Rusnano says it has no business ties with Clinton’s campaign chairman


Russia’s Rusnano Corporation does not have in the offing any business relations with Hillary Clinton’s cam ign chairman, John Podesta, the entourage said in a press release on Monday commenting on media allegations hither links between Rusnano and Podesta.

“Rusnano has never had any business relationships with Mr. Podesta. This info should be seen in light of the election cam ign underway in the U.S.,” the throng release said.

Can Russia influence the U.S. elections?

The Wall Street Journal earlier reported that Hillary Clinton’s crusade chairman, John Podesta, had ties in the st with the Joule Boundless com ny that Rusnano invested in and could have possibly chopped them just recently.

According to the Wall Street Journal, in 2011, “the solar animation startup Joule Unlimited announced that Mr. Podesta had been elected to its meals of directors.” The com ny’s CEO at that time noted Podesta’s “extensive know-how within the US government and internationally as well,” expressing hope that he inclination be able to “help Joule build the lasting relationships needed for long-term achievement.”

“TRusnano has a minor investment in Joule Unlimited, controlling 5 percent of ancestors there. This investment was made as rt Rusnano’s strategic programs to strengthen solar energy,” Rusnano’s press service said.

Source: TASS

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