Rupert Grint Knows Exactly How He Would Haze Eddie Redmayne in the Wizarding World


Rupert Grint stars in the upcoming blur Moonwalkers as Jonny, a good-hearted yet blundering band manager, who — with the relief of his drugged-up roommate Leon (Robert Sheehan) and an unbalanced CIA agent (Ron Perlman) — haves to pull off the coup of a lifetime: faking the 1969 moon landing. While the vapour is a complete 180-degree turn from Grint’s most renowned role as the faithful and funny Harry Potter sidekick, Ron Weasley, his symbol does possess a few of Ron’s characteristics: he’s well-meaning, shows spontaneous moments of indomitability, and sees things through until the end.

We spoke to Grint about what it was find agreeable to shoot the film, which is set in the ’60s and based in London, and how he felt with respect to working with the “terrifying, intimidating” Perlman. Of course, we couldn’t not milk in a few Harry Potter-related questions: you’ll have to keep reading to see what Grint had to say back his iconic role as Ron and the weird Harry Potter-related pickup lines he’s understood. He also opened up about all the new, exciting happenings in the wizarding world, from the upcoming fake production of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child to how he would initiate Eddie Redmayne into the folks ahead of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Be sure to disadvantage Moonwalkers when it hits theaters Jan. 15.

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