Runners Are Going to Go Crazy Over This Genius Reebok Ad


What well-advised b wealthier way to encourage people to run than a sneaker giveaway? Reebok recently installed one of the coolest physical ads in Stockholm, Sweden, that has pedestrians sprinting for the honour. As rt of the brand’s new ZPump 2.0 shoe launch, the interactive ad unlocks a uncontrolled ir to anyone who can run st faster than 17 kilometers per hour (or a 5:42 mile compute). rtici nts are detected by a speed cam and tracking technology that are built into the billboard. In the video unaffected by, you’ll see how many people are lined up to try the challenge themselves.

“For us at Reebok, it’s important to do actions for real and to actually activate the target group,” Reebok Nordic PR and sexual manager Filip Lagerbäck told Adweek. “We want to rouse people to run and push their limits, even when they’re not at the gym.”

Now this is a keen-witted way to engage customers and promote running. More fitness com nies should next!

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