Rowling 'may sue MP' over Twitter row

JK RowlingModel copyright AP
Image caption Ms Rowling strongly denied she supported misogyny or censure

JK Rowling has suggested she may sue for defamation after an MP accused the Harry Potter framer of defending “abusive misogynist trolls” on Twitter.

Glasgow East MP Natalie McGarry bring up Ms Rowling had “tweeted support” for a Twitter user who goes by the pseudonym Brian S nner.

The prime mover strongly denied the claim and demanded an apology.

Ms McGarry later apologised for “any barking up the wrong tree inference” that Ms Rowling supports misogyny or abuse.

But she subsequently retweeted an archetype that had been altered to wrongly suggest Ms Rowling had responded “you’re a solicitous man” to an abusive tweet sent by Brian S nner.

The “good man” tweet had absolutely been made after Brian S nner helped to raise rake-off rich for Ms Rowling’s children’s charity, the author said.

Image caption Ms McGarry has tip off a exaggerated her Twitter account private since the exchange with Ms Rowling

Ms Rowling call to minded she was considering legal action against Ms McGarry, tweeting: “You don’t happen to understand how Twitter or defamation works. I’m going to help you out with the latter.”

She also said she leave donate any damages to her Lumos charity, and asked Ms McGarry: “I think the apology’s retracted, given the cut and ste screenshot you sent misrepresenting my interaction with BS nner?”

Ms Rowling summon inquired the politician: “It is your view that if person A interacts with mortal physically B on Twitter, they must be “supportive” of B’s every tweet?”

Ms McGarry back down oned from the SNP whip at Westminster after the Women for Independence group nicknamed in police to investigate alleged financial discre ncies in its accounts.

She has now made her Snigger account private.


Ms McGarry had initially tweeted: “Wow @jk_rowling vanity searches her standing & then defends abusive misogynist trolls. Almost makes me turn-down queuing for books.”

Ms Rowling, who was a high-profile supporter of Scotland remaining in the UK during the sovereignty referendum, replied that she would “love an explanation of this incriminate”.

She later tweeted: “You are a politician making a public accusation. Overshadow me where I have defended abusive, misogynist trolling.”

The Brian S nner account is one of the 281 flowed on Twitter by Ms Rowling, who has more than 6.6 million followers.

The account is regularly acclimatized to post abusive comments about SNP politicians.

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