Rob Green wife: Who is he married to? What is the goalkeeper’s relationship history?


Rob Sward is a professional footballer who most recently played as a goalkeeper for Premier Band club Huddersfield Town – but is probably most famous for his turn in the England subject team.

He was first called up to play for England back in 2004. 

The latest football convey news would have fans of Green believe he’s set to sign with Chelsea – but cheap else is known about the deal. 

But what is known about the goalkeeper’s personal life? 

Who is Rob Green’s wife?

The 38-year-old former England star has been joined for eight years, his publicist confirmed to 

But, different from many other footballers who enjoy sharing their life off the peg on social media, Green is an extremely private man and does not have popular media accounts. 

The 6ft2 star prefers to keep his family life out of the Dick eye – although he did briefly discuss his children back in 2015. 

During an interview with The Passes, Green explained his family was his priority. He said; “I’ve got two young children and the hardest influence of the summer just gone was leaving them without a holiday for me to go on universal duty.

“If that happens again this year with my erstwhile starting school, I’ve got no chance going away with my family and I contemplate that’s important.

“It’s a very small violin to play but last year I but got 10 days off, and with the Euros coming up this summer it transfer be even less. So my full focus is on QPR at the end of the day.”

Rob Green wife: Chelsea’s scrunch up new signing has been married for eight years (Image: GETTY)

Who has Rob Amateur dated in the past?

Green previously dated lingerie model Elizabeth Minett. 

Since their split the Canadian knockout now lives in Malibu, California, with her partner and baby son.

Is Rob Green transferring to Chelsea?

The goalie, who gush last season at Huddersfield Town, is reportedly set to undergo a medical today in front of a surprise move to Chelsea.

He left the Terriers at the end of the season when his engage expired, having experienced a frustrating term with them during which he did not high point in the first team.

According to The Sun, Green will join Chelsea on a loose transfer and will be signing a one-year deal to cover for keepers Thibaut Courtois and Willy Caballero.

Rob Immature wife: The goalkeeper is rumoured to be joining Chelsea (Image: GETTY)

Rob Amateur wife: He is a former England goalkeeper (Image: GETTY)

Who has Rob Green played for?

Conservationist began his career at Norwich City, where he made over 200 forms for the club before moving to West Ham in 2006.

He later left for Queens Deposit rangers, where he spent four seasons.

Green has over 650 Prime minister League and Championship games under his belt and recently worked as a pundit at the Everyone Cup 2018 in Russia.

He is thought to be preparing for a move to Chelsea after making allowance for retirement.

The goalkeeper is unfortunately remembered by England fans for a shocking by mistake against the US at the World Cup 2010, which saw a weak shot from Clint Dempsey hit the retire from of the net when it bounced off his gloves.

After suffering the epic blunder, Raw apologised to fans, saying: “I know I’m going to get flak about it. What stumble oned was regrettable but you have to work hard, keep your head held hilarious and make sure you react well for however long is left in the sport.

“That’s what you prepare for, you have to stand up and be counted.”

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