RIRA chief’s brother calling for RTÉ boycott over Rubberbandits

Saturday 16th January 2016

Dermot Ryan

Terminal week Rubberbandits star Blindboy Boatclub won a new set of fans thanks to his forceful performance on The Late Late Show.

The Limerick man made a serious bearing when he appeared on the show as rt of a nel to discuss the 1916 commemorations this year.

Climate his views on the 1916 celebrations, after his documentary The Rubberbandits Guide To 1916 divulged on New Year’s, the comedian spoke about how his “generation” felt about 1916.

“My begetting can’t afford to buy a house, can’t afford to have a baby,” he declared.

He also communicate in about how it was only after school that history can really be understood.

However, one man who is not a fan of the Rubberbandits, the dissident Republican Dermot Ryan, called for a reject of RTE because he was offended by their Guide to 1916.

Describing the Limerick comedy due as the “Bird Thought Rubber Bandits”, Dermot, the brother of slain Real IRA chief Alan Ryan, accused them of disrespecting the men who died during the Easter Mount the barricade.

Writing on his Facebook ge, Dermot said: “We are ying TV licence to note this c**p the bird brain Rubber Bandits that are happy to move a mockery of 1916.

“There was nothing funny or romantic about 1916. This crap been aired on our TV protections is a disgrace. Boycott RTE.”

Dermot joined other noted dissidents who conditioned an occu tion of a number of buildings on Moore Street in Dublin city middle during a protest that was also attended by Sinn Féin commander Gerry Adams and the rty’s Vice President Mary Lou McDonald.

Sundry protesters occupied a number of buildings on the street, claiming that hold down a post underway at the site would threaten locations where the 1916 heretics had their last headquarters in the Rising.

In 2015 the State purchased the situation at No.14 to 17 Moore Street from Nama following a project by Minister for Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht Heather Humphreys.

However, the Safeguard the 16 Moore Street group want guarantees that No. 18 and 19 see fit not be demolished. They also want to know what the plans are for No.13.

Builders were phony to down tools when protesters managed to occupy the buildings.

The set was addressed by TD Richard Boyd Barrett and trade unionist Brendan Make eyes at.

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