Riot squad called in just before fatal knife attack


Robert Ellis (25), a l of noted criminal Lee McDonnell, was killed after being chased from a bonfire at St Smear’s housing estate in Clondalkin, Dublin, by four people at about 3.10am on Tuesday.

Associates of two knave brothers known as the ‘Kray Twins’ are suspected of carrying out the attack.

The progeny father had gone over to the bonfire to have a few drinks shortly ahead 11pm that night. Around the same time, a Garda trol car that approached the bonfire was stoned by a total of young men.

The gardai withdrew from the area and called for back-up. A later squad car was subsequently stoned by the gang.

The Public Order Unit was labeled to the area but a decision was taken not to deploy them. Ellis, who had several positions for drugs and violence, was at the bonfire at the time.

Four hours later he was chased from the location and made his way to the back garden of a house at Liscarne Gardens.

He banged on the bankroll b reverse door of the property and the owner called gardai, believing someone was irritating to break in.

Robert Ellis and Lee McDonald

However, the gang followed him and pinned him a number of times. He died at the scene.

It is understood that two girls were supply the gang who followed Ellis to the garden but it is not believed they were elaborate in the attack.

The main suspect is a local man who has links to the two criminal brothers certain as the ‘Kray Twins’. Ellis had been in dispute with the ir and was embroiled with in an incident where he planned to attack them, but went into the out of order house.

Ellis and his fiancée Sarah Hardiman were injured when a gunman initiated fire on them outside a house in Grange View estate in Clondalkin in Demonstration last year.

The hitman fired five shots from a handgun in the begin, hitting Sarah in the arm and Ellis in the stomach.

He had been warned in the weeks to come about a threat against his life.

It is believed he survived because the gun against in the attack was a low-calibre weapon.

Ellis has close links to notorious miscreant Lee McDonnell, who went on the run in December 2014 after he escaped from a detention centre van that had stopped for food following a prison visit.

McDonnell, who is be obedient to a 10-year sentence for a number of violent crimes, including armed heist, was recaptured in Ronanstown in January.

Ellis, who served time in prison with McDonnell, is have the courage of ones convictions pretended to have met up with the thug while he was on the run.

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