Riot police fire water cannon at far-right protesters at Brussels terror memorial


No matter how, hundreds still gathered to y their respects to the 31 people quashed in the twin terror attacks in the Belgium capital.

The far-right protesters judged over the square where people had congregated to lay flowers and light candles for the sufferers of the terror attacks.

The crowd called themselves “fascists against terrorism.”

Dozens of men, some in balaclavas, made their way to the cautions of the Brussels Stock Exchange and unfurled a banner with an anti-Islamic Stately (ISIS) message.

Local sources estimated that nearly 400 people earned up the far-right ‘anti-ISIS’ march.

One protester, who said his name was Mario, foretold: “We want answers from the government. There are too many maniacs in this country.”

The crowds chanted “this is our home” while prepossessing on the riot police.

There are reports flowers left at the scene suffer with been trampled

Mayor of Brussels Yvan Mayeur said: “I am daunted by what is happening, to see that such thugs, with Nazi relationships, are provoking locals at the site where they are ying tribute to the scapegoats.

“This brings shame on our country. We were warned by security forces with regard to their possible attendance, to ‘clean up the streets of Brussels’, according to insurance sources’, and nothing was done to stop them from coming.”

At young 10 arrests have been made following the unrest, Belgian boys in blue have confirmed.

Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel held for “respect at a time of mourning for the whole country”.

Mr Michel added: “It is completely incongruous for demonstrators to break up the tributes in Place de la Bourse.

“People are uniting there for reassurance. I strongly sentence these outbursts.”

The Belgian leader vowed everything would be done to “send the demonstrators to home” and urged for people to “remain composed and calm so the police could do their job”.

In the interim, Belgian police carried out 13 new raids today and took numberless people in for questioning on Sunday as rt of investigations into the attacks.

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