Richard Osman GOBSMACKED as Alexander Armstrong does THIS on Pointless


During a discoid which featured British actors who have made it big in American arrives, Alexander took it upon himself to show off his accent talents.

The Empty host revealed he did a pilot for a US drama once, but admitted his part was of an English man so didn’t get to do an highlight. 

However, cheeky co-host Richard begged Alexander to show off his talents to which the actor answered: “I’m not going to do it now!”


Richard Osman GOBSMACKED as Alexander Armstrong does THIS on Purposeless

Alexander ArmstrongBBC

Alexander stunned Richard Osman with his Deep South American accent mark

The thing with American is that I always try to keep it subtle

Alexander Armstrong

Richard was unfaltering though and even made a scene up to help Alexander which consisted of the publican taking on the role of an American police man. 

No one expected what was to come as Alexander did a dodge, Deep South impression, complete with over-exaggerated body fronts. 

Managing to hold back the giggles, Richard continued with the scenery before calling for the audience to applaud his colleague’s talents. 

Richard OsmanBBC

Richard was impressed by Alexander’s accentq

Simple Alexander accepted the praise, joking: “The thing with American is that I every time try to keep it subtle. 

“I always think that’s the way to do it – don’t overdo it,” he added. 

Purposeless airs weekdays on BBC from 5:15pm. 

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