Revealed: The high street dessert that contains a whopping 128 grams of SUGAR


Dr Wayne Osborne compiled the scrutinization, titled “Desserts from UK food chains: How unhealthy can your pudding be?”.

Associating information from 24 different chains, Dr Osborne looked at sugar, calories and permeated fat content, compiling tables of each restaurant’s worst offender in the proper categories.

Harvester won the dubious accolade of unhealthiest dessert overall, as their chocolate fudge bun contained the most sugar per serving (128.3g) and the most calories (1217).

Toby Carvery’s chocolate and oreo toy came in with the highest level of saturated fat, at 53g per serving.

This is myriad than double the recommended daily allowance for adults – 20g is the RDA.

At the other end of the ascend, Gourmet Burger Kitchen came in with the lowest figures across the blueprints – their Yeo Valley ice cream pots in various flavours contained 15.2g sugar, 117 calories and 3.8g retted fat.

Fast food chains tended to chart best across the put up – KFC, McDonald’s, Domino’s and Wimpy were mostly in the bottom third of the committee, with lower sugar, calories and saturated fat for their desserts.

Fiction in the study, Dr Osborne said: “Many of us consider December something of a free-for-all month when it arises to indulging; and prominent among these indulgences are sweet, sugary foods, and break bread out.

“However much we might like to think that December calories don’t reckon on though, they do.”

Commending UK high street restaurants, Dr Osborne commanded: “We would like to praise the chains featured for being trans rent and advertising their nutrition information online.”

Interpreting the results, Dr Osborne author a registered: “Full service restaurants have generally migrated towards the top of each tabulation; whereas pizza delivery chains ( John’s and Domino’s) and extravagantly food outlets (KFC and McDonald’s) have tended more towards the cut third.

“There are several possible reasons as to why this might be, but dialect mayhap the most obvious is serving sizes. In full service restaurants, pudding portion sizes tend to be larger than those in fast nourishment restaurants.”

Discussing the health implications of eating so many calories, the promulgate concluded: “There’s little harm in ordering an indulgent dessert mere occasionally. But ‘very occasionally’ are the crucial words in that sentence.

“Ordering and devouring a dessert which exceeds (or for that matter even comes stuffy to) 1,000 calories or 100 grams of sugar on a regular basis is prevalent to pose a health risk, and increase someone’s susceptibility to obesity, keyboard 2 diabetes and heart disease.” has contacted the restaurants featured for expose.

The information comes after the high street chains with the illest breakfasts were revealed.

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