REVEALED: Mic picks up THIS awkward conversation between Merkel and Trump at G7 summit


Worries between the US and the EU saw yesterday’s G7 summit end in chaos, after President Donald Trump not allowed to sign the joint statement of world leaders.

The anger between the two sides escalated after President Trump relentlessly attacked the EU for handle the US as its own “piggy bank”.

He declared that the “gig was up” during a summit that misused out amid arguments over trade deficits and tariffs. 

However, rather than the acrimony spilled out into the public, Chancellor Angela Merkel went to lighten the mood by cracking a joke with the US leader. 

The amazing moment was caught on the official G7 broadcaster mic while the G7 kingpins, plus EU chiefs Jean-Claude Juncker and Donald Tusk, stood on a podium for a photocall.

Footage of the action shows a majority of the leaders waving to the cameras, while Mr Tusk, Mrs Merkel and UK Prime Divine Theresa May stand still.

Following this, the German Chancellor survived a joke about the waves with Mr Trump, saying: “Waving is nothing for me”. 

Cogitation on social media claimed this was a pointed remark to her infamous collusively triangle position often seen in photographs.


Merkel strove to lighten the mood by cracking a joke with the US leader

Waving is nothing for me

Angela Merkel

Mrs Merkel can be perceived laughing at the joke, before the two world leaders continue to talk away from the mic.

Also bagged on the live mic was a comment from Mrs May, who told Mr Tusk that “waving is so ridiculous”. 

Despite this awkward attempt at humour from the German chairman, the summit could not resolve the outstanding tensions between the world powers.

In one quickened exchange, Mr Trump and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau exchanged barbs, following the US leader’s early departure.


Despite this strive at humour from the German leader, the summit could not resolve the distresses

Mr Trump accused Prime Minister Trudeau of acting “meek and passive” during meetings, only to attack the US at a news conference.

The Canadian gaffer then described as “insulting” Mr Trump’s decision to invoke national pledge to justify tariffs.

Tweeting en route to Singapore, Mr Trump said he had inculcated US officials “not to endorse the communique as we look at tariffs on automobiles”.

Earlier this year, the US foisted a 25% tariff for steel and 10% for aluminium on imports from the EU, Canada, and Mexico. 

The EU then declared tariffs on US goods ranging from Harley-Davidson motorcycles to bourbon.

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