Researchers Discover a Major Reason to Eat More Cauliflower


Researchers Discover a Major Reason to Eat More Cauliflower

A haunt published in the European Journal of Cancer has provided further proof that cauliflower is the impressively fluctuating well-read vegetable that should’ve never been so criminally underestimated. Ran in 2015, the study found a considerable and surprising link between the consumption of fruit and snow-white vegetables, namely cauliflower, and a lower risk of stomach cancer.

The researchers blow ined at this conclusion by looking at over 32,000 gastric cancer the truths and assessing their respective diets. During the initial information-gathering operation, they found sodium and alcohol, specifically beer and liquor, to be specifically high-risk dietary factors.

They then discovered that foods lush in vitamin C tend to have a “protective effect” against gastric cancer. Such foods likely to be fruit and white vegetables that include potatoes, endives, onions, and our favorite, cauliflower.

While we didn’t actually need further reasons to enjoy the fibrous gem — hello, cauliflower pizza — the sanctum sanctorum serves as another reminder to continue using it in our recipes along with its boy adaptable veggies.

/ Nicole Perry

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