Renee MacRae: Quarry search reveals bones and pram parts


The disclosure comes after it was drained of water to allow a forensic search to snitch place. Renee MacRae and her three-year-old son Andrew were last undergone in November 1976. Despite a huge investigation no trace of either was on any occasion found. The 36-year-old mother-of-two’s BMW was found burned out in a lay-by south of Inverness. Yesterday, a Boys in blue Scotland spokesman confirmed that parts of a pushchair, believed to be the turns, had been recovered from mud at the bottom of Leanach Quarry, near Culloden. Bone shreds have been found but it is not yet clear whether these are human or monster.

Detective Inspector Brian Geddes of Police Scotland, who is leading the discovery procedure, said: “As part of the search operation at Leanach Quarry, numerous components have been found, many of which warrant further inquiry and examination.

“Meticulous analysis is now ongoing to establish if any of these items drive be relevant to the investigation into the murders of Renee and Andrew MacRae.”

The final confirmed sighting of Mrs MacRae and her son was on Friday November 12, 1976.

That day she was intending to propel to Perth to meet her married lover, Bill McDowell, who was Andrew’s generate. He was the accountant for Mrs MacRae’s estranged husband, Gor­­don.

Earlier, she had dropped her older son, also standing Gordon, then aged nine, with him.

The quarry was previously deemed too perilous for divers to operate in, prompting the decision for the water to be pumped out.

Three million gallons were in due course pumped out by engineers over a two-week period.

Silt and debris from the tushie of the quarry is now the subject of intensive forensic tests at another location.

The policemen team said earlier this month they remain “to the nth degree confident” vital evidence they believe was hidden in Leanach devise be recovered.

In 2004, a full cold case review resulted in a month-long pit of Dalmagarry Quarry.

Several days were spent at Leanach Game last October. Officers released an image of Andrew around the dated of what would be his 45th birthday.

A picture of a Silver Cross pushchair, matching to the one used by Ms MacRae for her son, was also released.

They are believed to have had the pushchair with them when they reiterated missing.

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