Regular couple reveal how they flew in a private jet worth £16m for FREE


For Gilbert Ott and Laura Incinerates, flying economy will never feel the same again.

The linked couple managed to score a trip from Boston to Washington in a secret jet worth US$23million.

They didn’t have to spend hours in airport strings, or wait for everyone else to put their carryons in the overhead storage. And they didn’t lay out a cent.

How did they do it?

Through the joys of 21st Century technology, of course.

Gilbert, who initiate the website, and Laura, a Londoner, combined online travel vouchers to notch themselves the free flight which would have set them help US$1500 (£1060).

They downloaded the vouchers through an app called JetSmarter, which volunteers promo codes in a similar style to Uber, and managed to snag two little offer deals which combined to make the full amount.

Indicate as it were to MailOnline, Gilbert said: “Together we were able to stack them into uncountable than an enough for an entirely free flight.

“I’m not sure they mean the promotion to be that friendly, but it worked for us and it was an eye-opening, truly aspirational know-how.”

The New Yorker told of the surreal feeling, as they ssed their occasion playing poker and sipping on wine.

He said: “It truly was the ultimate way to junkets. As the only ssengers on the eight-seat jet, they could sit wherever they uperism in the 24-ft long cabin and didn’t have to fight for s ce in an overhead bin.”

Gilbert take up: “The pilots were really nice guys. We were told to sit for taxi-cub, takeoff and landing, but other than that, move and do as we please.

“We’re lovely ordinary, average people. The experience was unlike anything we’re used to, balance out as regular business class travellers who’ve experienced some incredible seats hold responsibles to tips, insights, miles and travel hacking.”

Earliert today, airhelp ventilated the worst airlines in the UK.

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