Readers write: Letters to the editor, March 7, 2016


Essential Alaskan tells Gattis to go

Way to go Lynn. I may have really meant, “you’re eat concentrate up in years, old girl. Go away.” Listen up, young lady. The brain accom ny b agree ti first, not the body. I am an original homesteader. I am 65. I gave birth to three kids at lodgings. I raised five in the wilderness. I taught school at home. I learned to bake on a woodstove. I fly all Christmas gifts by hand. I learned to sew on a treadle. I raised pigs, goats, chickens, rabbits and horses. I dismembered them. I hauled 50-pound sacks of grain on my shoulders while having a bun in the oven. I did laundry by hand for seven people. I am poor and not going anywhere. I am staying with my kids and grandkids up here with the languish of the real people. It’s you who must leave.

— Kelli Mahoney

Legislator has a unkind streak

Gattis: just horribly mean-spirited.

— Phillip Hope

Hard cash is for the people, st, present and future

Good news for Condon Graham (ADN, Feb. 28) who remarked, “the state owns the Permanent Fund not individuals.” You’re wrong. The state governs the resources for the “maximum benefit of the people” according to the Alaska Constitution. Alaska residents are stakeholders in the Invariable Fund.

In his last book, Gov. Jay Hammond (known as father of the fund) announces he spoke at the World Bank in 1999. He told them about struggles to cap or end the dividend program by those who believe government, rather than the people, should verify how resource wealth is spent. The leaders replied, “Don’t change it. It’s a stroke of expert since it provides trans rency. Dividend recipients are inclined to view far various clearly what government does with their resource mine if they have a direct stake in it, as provided by the dividends.”

I have huge respect for Gov. Bill Walker but urge Alaskans to reject his plan to substitution the Permanent Fund. Dividends could disappear in the future with this blueprint. There are other options to raise revenues that protect the means and PFD for future generations as promoted by trusted leaders including Clem Tillion, Rick Halford and John Havelock.

— Juanita Cassellius
Eagle River

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