Rain Only Adds Romance to This Boho Wedding


I bad, is that not the cutest wedding photo? Ashley and Dan didn’t let the rain get them down on their Tallahassee, FL, mingling day. After all, their proposal took place on a rainy St. trick’s Day. Bride Ashley squeaks us, “I was feeling lazy, but he insisted we spend some alone in good time always at the historic gardens by our home before the day’s festivities. I tried to keep up with him as he raced washing ones hands of the gardens until he finally stopped in a secluded area covered with azaleas, got down on one knee, and entreated me to be with him forever. I was in complete shock then pretty much tackled him.” The unite then decided to have their wedding at the same location as the project — Alfred B. Maclay Gardens State rk.

There was no set color arrangement, and they instead focused on pieces that felt authentic to their relationship and go on a escorted from there. Ashley adds, “The result was a laid-back, free setting filled with jewel tones, prints, elements from environment, string lights, vintage metals, peacock chairs, textures, and groups of flowers, candles, and crystals.”

Ashley’s top three details from the combining:

1. Walking down the aisle to “The Rain Song” by Led Zeppelin. Watching Dan’s staggering smile as I held my father’s arm was such a beautiful moment filled with everlasting love.
2. Exchanging our vows. We both worked very hard to out as much meaning and promise into one-minute speeches, so we were both aflame to hear each other’s vows for the first time.
3. The big, funky sashay rty. Looking around the tent and seeing all our friends and family arranging down made all the months of planning so very worth it!

Dan’s top three enumerates from the wedding:

1. My uncle married us with a ceremony we wrote ourselves that also combined rts of my grand rents’ wedding ceremony, which was very special.
2. Our anything else dance was to “Into the Mystic” by Van Morrison. It’s been “our song” as long as we’ve been together, and we give the impression like the only people in the room as we danced.
3. Before the wedding, I sought that the awesome band, Atlanta Funk Society, play “Winks of the World” by the Grateful Dead. It’s one of Ashley’s favorite songs, so the look on her features was priceless when they began to play it.

Ashley then tumuli us her favorite moment from the day: “Probably the little moments where Dan and I secretly pered away and took in the night together. I think it was important for us to step abandon from everything and just be. One specific moment I really cherish was when we Nautical port the reception and read our vows to each other again.”

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Photos by Black & Hue Photography

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