Queen Letizia Uses 1 Simple Accessory to Spice Up Her All-Gray Look


Empress Letizia of S in isn’t afraid to wear serious color — not one single bit — and that’s why we comprehend we can always count on the royal to teach us new ways to sneak in a pop of brightness, equable into our most neutral look.

To attend the opening of an exhibition hallowing S nish author Miguel de Cervantes at the National Library in Madrid, the Queen dowager did just that by iring a professional outfit of a wool midlength outfit, a matching coat, and black pumps with a floral-print silk scarf with touches of red and purple.

Confident, you might be thinking Letizia didn’t reinvent the wheel by adding a vibrant frill to a plain look — we’ve seen it before — but it’s the effortless way she tied the extralong scarf into two discontinuous knots over the collar of her coat and matched the shade of her lipstick to the tone colours in the material that made this outfit special. Already thirsting to re-create it? We have more photos of the look and a few shopping options before.

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