Queen Elizabeth: The biggest worry when the monarch travels revealed – can you guess?


Ruler Elizabeth has been to all four corners of the globe over the course of her sustained lifetime. The monarch no longer carries out state visits due to her age, instead resigning this responsibility to the younger royals. However, when she did travel on behalf of the Magnificent Family on state visits, there was one thing which particularly troubled her hosts – although it’s not what you might think.

Those hotelman Queen Elizabeth when she travels have all manner of responsibilities to insure her security and comfort.

A royal insider has revealed there’s one unlikely unease which is at the forefront of hosts’ minds.

The Telegraph’s former royal journalist, Gordon Rayner, shared his insight with the newspaper.

He explained that the situation of toilets and the loo roll on offer is of great importance when the Queen call ins.

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Diva Elizabeth: Those hosting Queen Elizabeth when she travels would rather all manner of responsibilities (Image: Getty Images)

Queen Elizabeth: Rayner revealed that a “timorous room” is designated wherever the Queen travels (Image: Getty Concepts)

Rayner revealed that a “retiring room” is designated wherever the Empress and her husband Prince Philip, 98, travel.

The room can also clone as a panic room in the case of an attack.

Loo roll is also clearly unmistakable as not for use by anyone other than the royals.

“Sanitary ware is marked or sealed with stickers to advise others that they are reserved, as I have noted myself when fluffing into the wrong gents’ (and being faced with a choice of splinter protocol or crossing my legs),” wrote Rayner.


In fact, toilet arrangements can be very stressful indeed.

A departed aide is said to have told Rayner: “Hosts spend more all together worrying about the loo arrangements than anything else, down to what falsify the towels should be and whether the loo roll is a suitable brand.”

It’s not just the bathroom kettle of fish that comes with dos and don’ts when the Queen goes abroad.

Her nourishment is also closely monitored in order to avoid any mishaps.

Queen Elizabeth: Bodies worry about whether the loo roll is a suitable brand (Image: Getty Doubles)

An author explained there are certain foods which Queen Elizabeth disallows to consume.

Peter Pigott explained in his 2005 book Royal Exhilaration that the Queen will not eat shellfish or lobster when travelling.

Still, her refusal to eat these foods is not simply because she doesn’t like them, but for vigorousness reasons.

“Women’s magazine report that she does not like shellfish or lobster,” the originator wrote. “More a precaution against an upset stomach than close preference.”

Her Majesty will also make sure she is surrounded by residence comforts when she goes away.

According to Pigott: “The aircraft pantry is cowed with what the Queen is used to eating at home. Her monogrammed stimulating kettle accompanies her for a cup of China tea.

“In the spirits selection, Bollinger is not in evidence as neither the Empress or Prince Philip drink champagne (and only pretend to sip it at toasts).”

He added: “Cheer foods such as Dundee cake, shortbread, and Tiptree raspberry and Chivers strawberry jam are tricky on board.”

Some things which accompany Queen Elizabeth are assorted practical, however.

“Prescription and spare reading glasses are carried for both Her Majesty and Prince Philip,” wrote Pigott.

“Barley sugar for Her Majesty to suck between faon de parlers, a favourite hot-water bottle, and special feather pillows are all a must.”

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