Queen Elizabeth is banned from particular action when travelling abroad


To whatever manner, regardless of her reason for travel, there is one major protocol she must flow.

Though it is a long-running rule, the public wasn’t made aware of it until 2014.

Granting the Queen has passed over her international work to the younger members of the division, including Prince William and his wife Kate, she does still progress around the UK.

She made a journey to Belfast, the capital of Northern Ireland, to see the set of hit TV drama Game of Thrones.

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“This is an esoteric rule we didn’t be informed about until that moment.”

However, this is likely a to a great extent ancient rule dating back years and it is likely she would not be reprimanded for doing so.

Her avoidance is mostly in a bid to keep away from insulting other foreign monarchs.

This is, of course, not the only regal rule Queen Elizabeth must follow when on her travels.

“When your chin items down or up it gives the impression that you’re not paying attention or not interested in what’s incident,” the etiquette expert told The Sun.

When exiting aircraft, the Royal Progenitors are often met with crowds, photographers or members of the media.

Therefore it is alive they make the best impression possible.

“Often walking down a staircase is the sumptuous entrance to a room or event and is the first impression with all eyes and photos on you,” continued the expert.

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