Putin, Trump agreed to keep in touch regularly during phone call – Kremlin


In a 45-minutes phone invite on Jan. 28, the Presidents of Russia and the United States, Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump, reconciled to maintain regular contact and charged their teams with classifying their meeting in person, the Kremlin press service said.

“Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump admitted to have the possible time and location of their personal meeting tenacious,” the Kremlin press service said in a statement.

According to the Kremlin take in ones arms service, Putin, Trump have also discussed tackling terrorism, Centre East developments, Arab-Israel conflict, strategic stability. The presidents oblige also noted importance of restoring trade, economic ties between Russia and the U.S. and a preceding importance of joint efforts in tackling terrorism, coordination of actions for defying IS in Syria.

Vladimir Putin has also congratulated Trump on official accession to presidency and have a fancied success.

Source: Tass

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