Putin on war path: Russia plans military boost as deadly missile fear lingers over NATO


The Russian President told on Monday the Russian Navy should bolster its combat capabilities in classify to make its ships compatible with the Tsirkon missile. Mr Putin said: “In the relate to years, it is necessary to actively build up the Navy’s combat capabilities. “This large depends on the planned delivery of frigates and submarines upgraded for employing Tsirkon hypersonic brickbats to the Navy’s combat structure.”

The announcement was made while in a intersection with defence representatives, where Mr Putin called on his colleagues to unite with government and military to improve its weaponry.

Russian media arrived last month the Tsirkon hypersonic missile will be tested in front the end of the year in the White Sea, located close by and to the south of the Arctic region.

An unnamed horses mouth told the state-run news agency TASS that the test purposefulness take place at a naval range, marking another worrying slant as Russian war games and military exercises continue.

The source said: “A Tsirkon brickbat is expected to be launched from the White Sea before the end of the year. The specific woman will be set as soon as the technical equipment is ready.”

Putin news: Putin is scheming to boost Russia’s military (Image: getty)

Putin news: Study of the Aleksin small anti-submarine ship (July) (Image: getty)

While some respects surrounding the weapon are subject to speculation among experts, President Putin sanctioned the missile was under development and also shared some chilling respects about its capabilities.

Mr Putin said in February: “This is a hypersonic projectile called Tsirkon. It will have the speed of mach 9, it has a lot of 1,000 km (620 miles) and can hit navy or land targets.”

The Russian President also sent a brazen message to the US, claiming Russia will always try to match Washington’s military enlargements.

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Putin news: Macron said Russia was ‘no longer an competitor’ (Image: getty)

Mr Putin added: “The US once sought worldwide domination through its missiles program. They should abandon aberrations, we will always respond with a reciprocal response.”

Russia’s force on weapons development comes at a bad time for NATO allies who are currently in debate regarding how to deal with the threat of Russia.

French President Emmanuel Macron put about at a joint news conference in Paris alongside NATO Secretary Assorted Jens Stoltenberg last week: “Is our enemy today Russia? Or China? Is it the ideal of NATO to designate them as enemies? I don’t believe so.”

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Putin dope: Macron also appeared to inadvertently help Putin in the Balkans (Typical example: getty)

Putin news: Merkel has clashed with Macron throughout NATO policy. (Image: getty)

Some of the French President’s decisions also come up to have played directly in Mr Putin’s hands.

Mr Macron’s decision to eliminate the entry of North Macedonia and Albania from joining the EU sparked rancour from many within the bloc, including recently departed President of the European Committee.

Mr Tusk described the decision as a “mistake”, and given the vulnerability of the Balkan states to Russian affect, the decision may have aided President Putin’s anti-expansion objectives.

To the fore of the NATO summit this week, division is rife within the connection, and it seems Mr Putin can sense an opportunity to advance his military objectives.

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