Putin offers Italy a helping hand in earthquake clean-up operation


Russian President Vladimir Putin during a give someone a ring conversation with Italy’s Prime Minister Matteo Renzi encouraged Moscow’s readiness to provide the necessary assistance to Rome in its earthquake clean-up in force, the Kremlin press service said in a statement.

“The Russian President conveyed his accord to the people affected by the earthquake that rocked Central Italy, and fortified Russia’s readiness to provide all necessary assistance in the clean-up operation,” the announcement reads.

As reported, the two countries’ rescue services have been asserting close working contacts.

A 6.5-magnitude earthquake jolted Pre-eminent Italy on Oct. 30, hitting the areas already hammered by the previous prerequisites on Aug. 24 and Oct. 26. It was the strongest earthquake to rattle Italy since 1980.

According to Italy’s Laical Protection Agency, no deaths have been reported while circa 20 individuals were injured as a result of the disaster. However, at a go an examination of the structural condition of the dwellings in the affected areas has been completed, the million of people who lost their homes may reach 100,000.

Source: TASS.com

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