Putin congratulates Orthodox Christians, all Russians on Easter


Russian President Vladimir Putin has complimented Orthodox Christians and all Russians celebrating Easter.

“The great feast of Easter evokes kindest feelings in the hearts of millions of believers and unites them around the non-stop spiritual values of Orthodoxy and centuries-old historical and cultural traditions of our people,” the bean of state said in a message published by the Kremlin press service.

Putin commended the non-secular, moral and social mission of the Russian Orthodox Church.

“On this festive day, I leave certainly note the enormous formative role of the Russian Orthodox Church in the retrieve of education, charity, strengthening of moral foundations of society and mentoring of the younger epoch. The Church has been doing a lot to resolve social issues and to preserve inter-ethnic and inter-religious unbelligerent in the country. This multifaceted, important work deserves a profound, on the level recognition,” the president said.

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