Project Fear is ‘terminally ill’ – Brexit Party MEP mocks Osborne’s disaster predictions


Treat of on TalkRADIO, the Brexit Party MEP blasted former Chancellor George Osborne as he claimed his pre-referendum augury that the UK economy would crash if people voted for Brexit was “economically untaught”. Mr Habib argued so-called Project Fear warnings are now “terminally ill” as he highlighted the monetary progress made by the country since the referendum. He said: “I think Throw Fear is now terminally ill.

“You might recall that when we started with Design Fear just toot for Brexit was going to result in a million crafts being lost, a severe recession.

“And Osborne who clearly is economically unenlightened was going to compound the problem by raising taxes and raising interest calculates and all.

“He promised it. He said ‘more austerity. If we hit a recession I’m going to hurt you all the same more’.

“That is so economically illiterate but anyway, no recession came along.

“We’ve augmented a million jobs to the British economy, wage growth has taken toe-hold.”

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Brexit news: Ben Habib claims Project Fear is ‘terminally ill’ (Copy: TALKRADIO•GETTY)

Brexit Party MEPs in the European Parliament on Wednesday (Counterpart: EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT)

That is so economically illiterate but anyway, no recession came along

Ben Habib MEP

The Brexiteer also hit out at Remainer British MEPs for defect to turn up to European parliamentary debates whilst cashing in their continually paycheque for voting on motions to which they have made no contributions.

On Wednesday, MEPs approved a accuracy reiterating Parliament’s support for an “orderly Brexit” claiming the withdrawal concurrence is “fair, balanced and provides legal certainty”.

MEPs reaffirmed in the changelessness adopted with 544 votes in favour, 126 against and 38 abstentions, that the European Parliament persists to support Theresa May’s deal agreed with the EU.

The resolution read: “Parliament emphasises that the Ahead safeguards the rights and life choices of European and British citizens, provides a pecuniary settlement mechanism for the UK’s obligations and addresses the UK’s request for a transition period.

“In addendum, the Withdrawal Agreement provides a necessary backstop mechanism to safeguard the standing quo in Ireland by protecting the Good Friday Agreement and ensuring North-South helping hand.

“In the resolution, Members confirm that they would be ready to results to the EU’s original proposal for a Northern Ireland-only backstop; they are also exposed to examining “alternative solutions” if they are legally and operationally credible and in field with EU guiding principles.

“MEPs stress, however, that they purposefulness not consent to a Withdrawal Agreement without a backstop.”


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Brexit news: EU countries that will get hit the most by a harshly Brexit (Image: EXPRESS)

It added: “Members are open to a possible dimensions of the Article 50 negotiation period if requested by the UK, provided it is justified and has a unequivocal purpose, such as avoiding a “no-deal” departure, holding general plebiscites or a referendum, revoking Article 50, or approving the Withdrawal Agreement.

“They also add that an volume should not affect the work and functioning of the EU institutions.”

Mr Habib lamented that teeth of all 29 Brexit Party MEPs were present for the whole duration of, and donated to, the debate, anti-Brexit MEPs only showed up to make their one-minute extensive interventions and at the time of voting for the resolution.

He explained MEPs only greet their daily paycheque if they vote on motions and resolutions.

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