Prince Philip ‘too discreet’ for more than ‘harmless flirting’ in Mexico after saucy offer


Jacobs extended: “Suddenly she looked at him and said, ‘Why don’t we go to the pool and go swimming?

‘We [meaning the women] could take leave of our bras and little panties on.’

“Prince Philip blanched. ‘Uh, uh,’ he said. ‘I over it’s time for me to leave.’

“He smiled at Cristina and the rest of us. He was quickly surrounded by his set, which appeared from nowhere; he said good-bye to Merle and worked off.”

According to Kelley, Prince Philip wouldn’t embarrass himself event in public.

“The Duke of Edinburgh was far too discreet to indulge in anything beyond innocuous flirting in public,” the author said.

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