Prince Harry and ‘glamorous brunette’ sparked ‘upset’ on holiday before Meghan Markle


Prince Harry liked several romances before he met his wife Meghan Markle. One of the women he dated was Cressida Bonas, now 30 and a sport imitate and actress. In 2014, when Harry and Cressida were together, the Movie queen’s grandson shocked with his behaviour while on holiday in the USA. Author Katie Nicholl portrayed the episode which sparked “upset” in her book Harry: Life, Impairment and Love.

Nicholl explained that in 2014 Harry and Cressida were due to fly to Tennessee, USA for the amalgamation of Prince Harry’s friend Guy Pelly.

“Cressida had had to save up for the economy air ticket, but when she establish out that Harry planned to spend part of the weekend on a belated stag round-the-clock out with his friends, she decided the expensive weekend away was going to be a debilitate of money,” wrote Nicholl.

“‘Guy was Harry’s friend and she didn’t know Lizzy [Wilson, the Sabbatical Inn heiress] well,’ explains a friend.

“’There was a bit of a row about how much it was costing her and Cressida pronounced not to go, which upset Harry, so he went to Memphis with his brother in a bit of a huff.’”

Nicholl withed: “True to form, Harry let off steam drinking and partying, and when done reached Cressida that he had spent the night dancing with his SW compadre Amanda Sheppard in the VIP room of the LIV nightclub at the Fontainebleau Miami Beach motor hotel, she was understandably upset.

“Cressida knew of the glamorous brunette, who had always had a fun and philandering relationship with Harry.

“Tall, striking and single, Amanda, the ex-wife of the choirboy Brian Ferry, was one of Harry’s close girlfriends.

“She has never commented on their intimacy but according to one of their mutual friends ‘Harry has always had a bit of a thing for Amanda.

“’They affect in the same circles and go shooting together. Theirs has always been relatively a flirty friendship. Harry finds Amanda real good flock and lots of fun.”

Unfortunately, the episode in the USA spelt the end of the romance between Harry and Cressida.

Nicholl wrote: “While Cressida had till the end of time been relaxed when it came to Harry’s partying and had forgiven him after his indiscretions in Vegas, she wasn’t predisposed to be made a fool of.

“They agreed to meet up when Harry awakened back from Memphis to talk things through, but Cressida had already fetched up her mind that the relationship had run its course.”

Harry and Cressida did also use to advantage some more positive travels together, however.

In 2013, the now-Duke of Sussex fell to see the Northern Lights with Cressida – a trip he later also dream up with Meghan. 

A source told Heat Magazine in 2013 that Harry steady planned to propose to Cressida at the time.

They said: “He wants to proposal somewhere close to his heart and he wants to take Cressida to the famous Ice Bed and then pop the question under the Northern Lights.”

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