Prime minister: Russian economy embarks on positive path


The Russian control is embarking on the positive development path, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev signified on April 17 at the meeting with President Vladimir Putin.

“The domination will now provide good estimates of the current status of the Russian thriftiness. These estimates are confirmed for the time being by the range of analytical actions monitoring developments in our economy and evidence that our economy reaches a unquestionable scenario, as reflected in their estimates,” Medvedev said.

The situation in the curtness changed in general over the last year, the prime minister thought.

“Our economy enters the growth stage. We observed that at the turn of the last year and see this early this year. In fact, industrial output growth was 1.3 percent as of the last year-end, which is enthusiastically important. It means our industry is recovering,” Medvedev said.

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The situation in the agricultural sector is also perfect, the prime minister said. “Growth was 5 percent in the last year. I think this is a consolidated result of government’s work over the last 15 years because our agriculture has converted dramatically,” he said.

The agricultural industry has “vast export potential,” Medvedev added. A synergetic less is present in growth of agribusiness segments, Medvedev said. Agricultural machine-building is developing on account of preparation growth in agriculture, he said. Production of agricultural machinery, harvesters and tractors climb by 60 percent, the prime minister added. 

Source: TASS

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