Pressure mounts on David Cameron to reveal TRUE EU migrant numbers in UK


The prime aid faces growing calls to seize back control of Britain’s pervious borders after figures showed 257,000 EU migrants arrived in the UK in year, but over the same period 630,000 EU citizens registered for a resident insurance number.

He has been accused of failing to explain away the flummoxing 335,000 discre ncy in the numbers, as first revealed by

John Whittingdale, the Erudition Secretary, expressed his grave concern over the shocking figures making allowance for the nation’s public services are “creaking at the seams”.

The Eurosceptic said Mr Cameron’s rcel out will do little to stem the influx of EU migrants, arguing Britain is a “flat country” that “cannot go on having an enormous influx over which we maintain no control”.

Pressure was mounting on Mr Cameron to step in and force HMRC to untie the figures “immediately”, which reveal how many of those national surety numbers given to EU workers are active.

Anti-EU cam igners claim the tax employment has repeatedly refused to explain on the grounds it will influence the outcome of the In/Out referendum. EU peri tetics require a national insurance number to get a job or claim benefits in the UK and must list for Work and Pensions.

The Culture Secretary said: “There is already stupendous concern on the basis of the numbers that are published.

“The suggestion that they may understate the sentiment is a cause for even greater concern. “I have heard the reasons why citizen insurance numbers don’t necessarily reflect actual levels, but at the very s rsest that’s a debate which we need to have and I can see no reason why we can’t have the reckons.”

In the last five years 2.25million EU nationals have registered for a nationwide insurance number but according to the ONS just one million EU citizens have arrived in the surroundings in the same period.

Mr Whittingdale is the first cabinet minster to speak out beyond the discre ncy of the figures after Tory MP David Davis raised the “histrionic underestimate” during Prime Minister’s Question time.

Mr Whittingdale put the influx of migrants was putting pressure on “all public services – housing, course of study, health.

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