Pound v US dollar: GBP exchange rate FLAT amid Brexit Irish border agreement


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The work over US dollar exchange rate is trending around US$1.348 after overnight talks in Westminster

The GBP/USD swop rate is trending around US$1.348 after overnight talks in Westminster resulted in new words for an agreement on trade regulations to avoid the need for a hard border between Northern Ireland and the Republic after Brexit.

A great amount on the Irish border was one of the key sticking points that the EU demanded were resolved first negotiations on trade could begin.

A statement released by the European Meeting this morning said: “The European Commission has today recommended to the European Caucus (Article 50) to conclude that sufficient progress has been styled in the first phase of the Article 50 negotiations with the United Sphere of influence.

“It is now for the European Council (Article 50) on 15 December 2017 to take if sufficient progress has been made, allowing the negotiations to proceed to their younger phase.”

The pound made sharp nets against the US dollar yesterday as it emerged a border agreement was likely in front of the cut-off point on Sunday, but today Sterling remains on weak make.

While it has been recommended to the European Commission that it votes to approve the start of line of work deals, this outcome remains without guarantee, no matter how probable.

The fact that the negotiations on phase one – the financial settlement, the rights of EU patrials in the UK and the Irish border – were supposed to be the easy part is also weighing on Estimable sentiment.

Largely positive domestic data has failed to boost bent for GBP, despite above-forecast growth in manufacturing and industrial production, and smaller-than-expected barter deficits.

pound US dollarsGETTY

The pound made sharp gains against the US dollar yesterday

Enough progress has been made in the first phase of the Article 50 coming to terms

European Council

The US dollar is unable to particularly capitalise on the pound’s uncertainty thanks to the approximate of key labour market data this afternoon.

November’s non-farm payrolls observations could unsteady the enormous odds of monetary tightening from the Federal In store in the medium-term.

Markets expect a 90 per cent chance of an interest figure hike at next week’s Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meet, but the longer-term outlook is less certain.

Should the NFP today show weakness in the labour market, the US dollar could seemingly downside pressure as markets worry the Fed’s current tightening cycle is set to discontinuance.

With next week’s rate hike essentially priced-in to the US dollar, it is the longer-term fiscal policy outlook that could be affected by the NFP today and therefore agent turbulence for GBP/USD.

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