Pound US dollar exchange rate: GBP static as Greening demands second Brexit vote



The a pasting/Dollar exchange rate is currently $1.322

The reality is Parliament is now stalemated. Whatever the plan on the table, there will be MPs who vote it down. But Britain needs to declare a route forward.

Justine Greening

The pound’s lack of movement today is before you can turn around again down to Brexit-related concerns, with headlines dominated by the communiqu that Justine Greening backed a second EU referendum vote.

Ms Preservationist has added to Conservative voices criticising the current state of the Brexit take care of, declaring that there has been no significant progress of late:

“The actuality is Parliament is now stalemated. Whatever the proposal on the table, there will be MPs who referendum it down. But Britain needs to find a route forward.”

This fresh call for a second referendum is unlikely to trigger an actual second Brexit opt, but has still been negative news as it highlights deep Conservative Festivities divisions.

Another origin of uncertainty for GBP traders has been the planned revolt of pro-Brexit MPs, in response to the debatable ‘Chequers plan’ for a post-Brexit customs union.

The Conservative Party’s European Explore Group (ERG), headed by MP Jacob Rees-Mogg, has voiced opposition to the Chequers layout as they feel it dilutes the Brexit that was voted for.

The main perturbation among GBP traders is that the ERG could force a vote of no confidence against Prime Holy Joe Theresa May, which could throw the UK government into disarray.

Take noticing on when we could get some numbers on MPs who wish to oust the Prime Minister plenipotentiary, Mr Rees-Mogg said: “We’ll have an idea of the numbers at 10pm on Monday evening.”

In other dope, the pound has also been unable to advance against the US dollar today because of badgers about the upcoming Trump-Putin meeting.

US President Donald Trump will be meeting Russian President Vladimir Putin in Helsinki today and there are pertains about what the two men might discuss.

On the one hand, Russia has been accused of stick in ones oar with the 2016 US Presidential Election and is also under scrutiny for the latest death of a British citizen from the nerve agent Novichok.

On the other, anyhow, Mr Trump has previously expressed an interest in improving US-Russia relations, which some assume trust to could whitewash key international issues.

Aside from the above-mentioned US-Russia culmination, there could also be US dollar movement today when the afternoon’s retail traffics figures for June are released.

These are predicted to show a slowdown in traffics activity during the previous month, which could weaken US dollar and forward pound US dollar gains.

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