Pound to euro: Sterling to SOAR this year as the worst of Brexit ‘haze’ clears


The thump will rocket this year as uncertainty surrounding Brexit plains up, Michael O’Sullivan, Chief Investment Officer at Credit Suisse bruit about. 

Speaking to Bloomberg, he said: “We’re still long the pound and we think it has strength.”

“I think the market is now beginning to look towards a possible rate hike in the in front half of this year. 

“We’ve got two priced in for the rest of this year.

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The pelt will be boosted now the “worst” of Brexit uncertainty is over, O’Sullivan bid

The worst of the uncertainty and the haze around Brexit is over

Michael O’Sullivan

“I notion of in the context of Mark Carney and the Prime Minister, I think the worst of the uncertainty and the haze there Brexit is over.

O’Sullivan said it looked like Britain was being led for a soft Brexit by the European Union. 

He said: “I think the UK will be led approaching a soft Brexit framework of the making of the EU and I think businesses and the market being to realise that.

 “So from an uncertainty aspect of view, from a business point of view, I think investment wishes probably pick up.

“I think the risk, if anything, is that the UK now beings to participate in the extremely very strong cyclical rally that the rest Europe is keep.

“I think in general this is bullish for the pound, also at a time when the dollar seems to be in quarter of entrenched weakness.”

The pound fell 0.24 percent to 1.1378 against the euro at 14:49 in London. 

Superior rose 0.1 percent to 1.4169 against the dollar at 14:50 in London. 

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