Pound to Euro exchange rate: Britons face SHOCK 88 cents for £1 at airport this weekend


Cardiff airport was sacrifice the poor rate following a tough week for sterling which saw it drop off to its lowest level for eight months to €1.114.

Holidaymakers flying out of Gatwick and Birmingham on Friday were also tendered less than a euro per pound, unless they had pre-booked their currency.

Interval the Travelex foreign exchange booths at Heathrow, Manchester and Glasgow were present almost exactly one euro for one pound, the Guardian reported.

Ian Strafford-Taylor, CEO of FairFX, asseverated: “Political and economic uncertainty in the UK and elsewhere has an effect on the strength of the pound.

We have seen how the pound has been subject to volatility since the Brexit referendum and how some currency providers look to be winsome advantage of it

Ian Strafford-Taylor, CEO FairFX

“This week’s discussions about Brexit organize caused sterling to dip as Liam Fox stated that Brexit would go in front regardless of whether the UK strikes a trade deal with Europe or not.

“These reasons ordain be of little comfort to holidaymakers heading on holiday this weekend now most circles are out for summer.

“Time and time again, we have seen how the pound has been case to volatility since the Brexit referendum and how some currency providers look to be compelling advantage of it.

“Our analysis of airport rates today showed consumers are being offered as low as 0.96 euros to the Pulsate, well below parity, just as the nation heads off for the great summer fete getaway.

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Pound to Euro exchange rate: Airports are contribution some of the lowest rates in months to Britons

“The only way consumers can protect themselves from this extortionist is to plan their currency ahead of time and don’t risk getting it from the airport where they resolution pay a premium for their currency.”

This is not, however, the lowest sterling has been against the euro in the years twelve months – in November last year it sunk to 1.106 against the euro.

Britons are skin dire rates compared to just two years ago, as in the first week of the sect summer holidays in 2015, travellers to Europe received more than €1.41 for each cudgel.

Giving advice on how to avoid the worst rates and make the most of your shekels, FairFX said:

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Pound to Euro exchange figure: Travellers should avoid changing their money at the airport

On no occasion pay in pounds. If you’re given the option to pay in pounds, always say no – this is a trap called High-powered Currency Conversion which often offers poorer rates and additional charges.

Avoid the airport. Buying currency at the airport means you’re likely to be opposite with the worst exchange rates in the country.

Use the right plastic. Kind sure you know the charges for using your card abroad – thinks fitting you face both a transaction fee and non-sterling fee? Planning in advance and making the unhesitatingly choices such as considering a prepaid currency card, will lend a hand you avoid fees every time you use your card.

Don’t forget your transform. It’s easy to forget your leftover currency when you get back from feast but don’t waste it! Be wary of poor buy-back rates and try selling on to a friend, vouchsafing to charity or remember to take it away with you next time. If you beget a FairFX prepaid card, you can withdraw leftover currency in sterling when you’re in serious trouble in the UK, spend it in the shops or use it on your next holiday.

Don’t leave it too late. FairFX scrutinization reveals one in 10 of us leaves buying currency until the last take down which means you’ll have no choice over your rates. Start trace rates as soon as you can and buy when the rates move in your favour to lock-in the best bib value – a free tracker from FairFX will do this for you.

Weigh an alternative. Prepaid currency cards allow you to guarantee your barter rate in advance and are free to use in shops and restaurants when you’re abroad, signification you have full control over what you’re spending.

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