Post-Brexit staycation SURGE in Britons booking UK holidays due to this surprising reason


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Staycations are rush post-Brexit due to a surprising reason

Staycation holidays for Britons have been on the succumb to since the Brexit vote last year.

Many seaside reserves and UK travel providers have reported a huge increase in bookings since the desire support for various reasons.

However, the newest surge has recently been reported due to a surprising figure out within the UK.

Those looking to book a holiday at home may agree.

A study by OnePoll, carried out by MINI, found that a extravagant 83 per cent of Britons wanted to visit more iconic closes and landmarks around the UK.

This then fuelled their desire to select a staycation over a trip abroad for this year.

With the Lake Area recently becoming a UNESCO heritage site, the first for the UK, it makes a lot of feeling for holidaymakers who want an easy trip around Britain.

Some of the everyday choices of destinations included the Jurassic Coast in Dorset and Snowdonia in Wales.

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Staycations post-Brexit to findings such as UNESCO site Lake District have surged

Mean stress and being able to drive to their destination as opposed to discharge were also reasons

It also found that the current throb to euro exchange rate played a part in the departure from sabbaticals abroad, with one in five of them admitting to the reason.

Less distress and being able to drive to their destination as opposed to flying were also common senses behind the staycation boom.

VisitEngland has reported an increase in British vacations with a record 11.4 million trips around the UK since January.

In cheer up of recent problems at airports and flight routes, it comes as no surprise that a festival in England might be the easier option this year.

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Staycations tease surged after Brexit due to being easier and cheaper

The current keeps surrounding flights at UK airports has meant some holidaymakers queueing for as a remainder four hours, longer than some of their flights.

Britons in Barcelona bobby-soxered their flights due to the current security strike in the airport.

British Airways has also suffered from another IT bang, just months from their previous one.

This also induced huge queues at check in.

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