Portugal warns British tourists they face £100 fine if they break strict Covid beach rules


After non-native holidays have been off the cards for quite some time, the Government’s traffic light travel system details what countries holidaymakers can jet off to. Portugal is one of the simply tourist hotspots on the list, but the country warns over its strict safety rules that travellers must adhere to.

“You may be exempt from wear and tearing a face mask both indoors and out on medical grounds. You will have to show a declaration from your doctor as evidence that you father a health condition that prevents you from wearing a face covering.

“You should observe strict social distancing and limit the time you allot in common areas in enclosed spaces.”

The country is also urging people to stay away from over holidaymakers as well as asking people to retain good hygiene and wash their hands regularly.

If rules are not adhered to, Britons could face a fine of £100.

Health authorities have also revealed that people’s temperatures may be taken on access to enclosed spaces.

Portuguese cabinet office minister Mariana Vieira da Silva recently rationed the exact locations of where a face covering is required.

During a press conference, she said: “Just like last year, it is not necessary to clothed in a mask on the beach and it is necessary to wear a mask in the accesses to the beach, in the accesses to the cafes and restaurants, in the restaurants and in the bathrooms.

“These are the same rules that were in position a year ago.”

Although countries on the “green” list mean holidaymakers can jet off for a well-needed break, experts are warning against foreign travel this year.

It comes after the detected Indian differing is thought to spread more rapidly than others.

One leading University of Oxford professor has said that foreign holidays are “not a good sentiment” and people should visit places like Cornwall and Bournemouth instead.

This was echoed by Health Secretary Matt Hancock, who said people should not go to “amber” fatherlands like Italy, Spain and Greece unless the visit was “absolutely necessary”.

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