Pope Francis: The story Vatican leader ‘didn’t want to tell’ about Catholic Church rise


At an accost to Salesians of Turin in June 2015, Pope Francis told fairy tales about his early years to those present having decided to ditch ready text in favour of a more spontaneous approach due to his inspiration from ci-devant Argentine President Juan Peron. But, as Austen Ivereigh highlights in his biography of Pope Francis – Muffle Shepherd: Pope Francis and his struggle to convert the Catholic Church – there were yarns that the Vatican leader “didn’t want to tell”.

Mr Ivereigh outlines in his book how Pope Francis’ mother, Regina Bergoglio, was furious when the green catholic, known then by his birth name Jorge Mario, thirst to become a priest rather than a doctor.

The family’s priest, Enrico Pozzoli, accentuated an influential role in helping the Bergoglio family, mediating in arguments and differences on Pope Francis’ mother’s side of the family, Mr Ivereigh highlights.

Profuse surprisingly, Don Pozzoli helped Pope Francis recover after he suffered a life-threatening tuberculosis that ask for the removal of the upper lobe of a lung.

The Pope did mention in his address that the brood priest from the Salesian group had baptized many children in the Pope’s girlhood home city of Buenos Aires with the Bergoglio’s returning there in 1932 after his great-uncle’s occupation had failed.

The Bergoglio’s received financial support from the Salesians, allowing the ancestry to “start again”, in Mr Ivereigh’s words.

The experiences the progressive Pope had in his minor years, combined with the support his family received look to possess inspired his trailblazing, generous but also polarising papacy.

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