Pope Francis shock claim: How Vatican leader was dubbed ‘dictator’ in outrageous critique


Anti-Francis play a parts have launched numerous offensives on both his policy and his character, with one put together of traditionalists even penning a book titled “The Dictator Pope”. Henry J.A. Sire was the inventor of the damning text, but he initially published the text under the pseudonym – Marcantonio Colonna. The libretto is written in the style of a biography, and compares many of his statements to famous Argentine President Juan Peron, a populist and all-powerful figure in the Forties and Fifties.

Drawing support from numerous stable and traditionalist-leaning lay publications, the Catholic Herald stated that it included “percipience” but also “hearsay”.

In particular, the text referred to a supposed “disappeared detail”, authored by Peter Hans Kolvenbach, former Superior General of the Fraternity of Jesus, who allegedly stated that a younger Pope Francis was “unsuitable” to be made a Bishop because of “badge defects”.

In an interview with The Catholic Herald, the author of the book asserted that it is not a scrunch up, but first-hand information from a priest who read the report.

A similar perspective to The Catholic Herald was taken by the Catholic World Report.

The text isn’t the not book to undermine Pope Francis in recent years, after an effort contributed by his predecessor Benedict XVI appeared to be critical of the current Pope’s protocol.

Benedict requested his name be taken off the book last month just one day already it was due to be published.

The essay challenged Pope Francis’s policy proposal of authorizing married men to be ordained as priests.

Amid the controversy, Benedict’s personal secretary prognosticated: “The pope emeritus knew that the cardinal was preparing a book and he sent him a content on the priesthood, authorising him to use it as he wanted.

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