Pope Francis fumes at Catholic Church rivals as Vatican chief issues defiant fightback


The pulp statement came in a book-long interview titled ‘Without Him We Can Do Nothing’ in which the Pope starts up about his faith and outlook as the head of the Catholic Church in talks with Italian pressman Gianni Valente. He said: “There are circles and sectors that distribute themselves as enlightened and even (seize) the proclamation of the Gospel through their warped reasoning that divides the world between civilized and barbaric.

“They over a large part of the human family as if they were a lower-class individual, unable to achieve decent levels in spiritual and intellectual life contract to their standards.

“On this basis, contempt can develop for people ruminate oned to be second rate.

“Christianity will also reflect the different dial confronts of the cultures and peoples in which it is received and takes root.”

The comments, which manifest to be accusing certain people in the Catholic community of discrimination, came after he initiated on his Amazon synod, announcing that married men in the region will be permitted to adorn come of priests.

 Pope Francis also referred to an Argentine slang designation – “cabecitas negras” – which translates to “little infernal heads” and is used as a derogatory slur towards black people.

The Pope blamed the “sarcastic words” and also criticised alleged slurs levelled at innate people wearing feathers a the Amazon synod.

He added: “Tell me: ‘What’s the metamorphosis between having feathers on your head and the three-peaked hat [birettas] haggard by certain officials in our dicasteries?”

The Pope’s progressive approach has seen a wholesale fluctuate in the Catholic Church.

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