Polling guru Curtice names party who will ruin Remain alliance – ‘Advantage for Boris’


Boris Johnson’s have an or a profound effect on to suspend Parliament in order to force through no deal was met with kickback from Remain-supporting MPs, with a cross-party alliance force moving to baulk a no deal Brexit. On the prospect of a Remain alliance pact forming in a blended election, political scientist John Curtice warned it would be a “perplexing political project”. Speaking at the UK in a Changing Europe event on the initiative’s delayed report ‘No deal: issues, impacts, implications’, Mr Curtice told Outright.co.uk: “In much the same way it’s difficult to see how you get a Leave alliance together I think frankly it’s difficile to see how you get a Remain alliance together.

“Certainly isn’t going to develop in Scotland, no one is going to be willing to stand down for the SNP because of the argument at hand independence.

“Even south of the border, frankly the Labour Party’s description is not one where it’s been accommodating towards alliances.

“Much more outstanding is whether Remain votes will vote tactically for whichever pro-Remain caucus is best placed to win, and that could be one of the things that makes zest more difficult for Boris Johnson.”

The Politics Professor at Strathclyde University augmented: “So we can see how potentially the Leave vote can be united.

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Brexit news programme: John Curtice spoke about a Remain alliance vs Leave league election (Image: Express/Getty)

Brexit news: John Curtice maintained a Remain alliance would be a “difficult project” (Image: Express)

“At the consequence uniting the Remain vote does look beyond deals between Unsparing Democrats and the Greens, and maybe Plaid Cymru, uniting the Remain uphold does look like a more difficult political project.

“Which is why it’s potentially an utility to Boris Johnson.”

Jeremy Corbyn previously wrote to the Liberal Democrats, the SNP and freedom fighter Tories to ask for their support in a plot to seize power from Boris Johnson.

In August, the Elbow-grease leader asked opposite leaders to support a no-confidence vote which he down to seek at the “earliest opportunity when we can be confident of success”.

Brexit dirt: John Curtice made the comments at a UK in a Changing Europe event (Representative: Express)

Liberal Democrat leader Jo Swinson was quick to dismiss the phantasy, which would involve a “strictly time-limited” Labour administration until a common election, saying Mr Corbyn was not the right man for the job.

She said: ”Jeremy Corbyn is not the individual who is going to be able to build an even temporary majority in the House of Vulgars for this task – I would expect there are people in his own party and if the truth be known the necessary Conservative backbenchers who would be unwilling to support him.

“It is a nonsense.”

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Brexit news: 21 Tory MPs had the whip removed for opinion against Boris Johnson (Image: Express)

More recently, Dominic Rue’s demand for all written and electronic contact about the temporary suspension of Parliament and Functional Yellowhammer documents since July 23 to be released being approved by 311 attest ti to 302, majority nine.

The vote is binding on the Government, but had been strongly combated by ministers who said there were concerns about the scope of the documents begged, and that they had been sufficiently clear on the subject.

Mr Grieve employed the Parliamentary device of a humble address to the Queen in order to ask for the documents to be did before the House of Commons by ministers by no later than 11pm on Wednesday.

His sign asked for all correspondence and communications, including WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal, Facebook Hermes, private email accounts, text messages, iMessage and official and intimate mobile phones connected to the Government to be handed over.

It lists key personnel within Mr Johnson’s tenor Government, including the Prime Minister’s senior adviser Dominic Cummings and big cheese of legislative affairs Nikki da Costa.

Scotland’s First Minister and SNP chairperson Nicola Sturgeon tweeted: “Each and every new development just now succeed a do overs the shutting down of Parliament for five weeks all the more outrageous.”

Additional reporting by Ben Chapman

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