Police apologise for picturing the WRONG girls in theft CCTV footage


Francesca Galelli and Molly Curtis were accused of plagiarizing £459 worth of make-up from a Superdrug store in Ely, Cambs, final month.

The two 13-year-old girls were devastated when they beheld Cambridgeshire Police had distributed CCTV images of them to local low-down outlets.

They have now received an apology from officers, who recognized they made “an honest mistake that had deeply unfortunate circumstances”.

Francesca’s sister Claudia, 21, implied her younger sibling came home crying after schoolfriends showed her online dis tch stories alongside her picture.

She said: “I saw the article and I thought, ‘Oh, that looks equivalent to my sister,’ but I just thought she would never do anything like that so scarcely scrolled st it.

“She never does anything wrong and is the perfect grind.

“This was really upsetting for her.”

Francesca and Molly were out “shopping for a few jots” at the time of the theft.

Molly said: “I was at home and I got a message on social route saying, ‘This looks like you – is it you?

“I asked them to take it down because I didn’t craving a bad reputation for nothing.”

Speaking on behalf of the East Cambridgeshire policing quarter, Sgt Phil Priestley said: “We made an honest mistake that had extremely unfortunate circumstances.

“We want to ensure people know that Francesca and Molly are considerate people and that this wasn’t their fault.”

The force on revise CCTV policies to prevent further mistakes.

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