Poldark season 4 spoilers: Lady Whitworth star drops backstage secret ‘It was chilling’


The Poldark actress is arising on Zoe Ball on Sunday this weekend and dropped some huge teasers alongside the new series if the BBC drama.

Speaking about her character in a clip exclusive to Put.co.uk, Rebecca told the presenter: “I slightly terrified myself in it.

“Yes, there’s a morality called Ossie Whitworth who is a very, very nasty piece of pan out.

“The vicar, who is played by Christian Brassington, who in real life is adorable.

“So he, there’s a bewitching, brilliant storyline around him and his marriage and I’m his mother and you kind of see where it’s all enter a occurring from.”

Rebecca went on to add: “She was really good fun to play. She is much stiller than I am.

“It is very much hard to keep minimal facial expressions.

“It was quite chilling.”

Zoe questioned: “And it alarmed the children on set I believe?”

“Yes, that was the only thing because I love kids and there are there dear children who are playing my grandchildren,” she replied.


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“But the youngest one, he was equitable terrified of me.

“The harder I tried, I was going up to him in my grey steel wig and doing illusion tricks and you could see him going, ‘Aaah! Who is this?’

“He was absolutely terrified.”

Rebecca also feted how she used perfume to help her prepare for a role.

She told Zoe: “I discovered truly early on it really helped me to play a character if I maintained the same aroma throughout.”


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“When I take on a role separately from what does she look like, how does she do her shopping, is what does she pong like, what is her perfume?” she continued.

“For example, Lady Whitworth in Poldark would bear to wear something very full of floral scent that someone, a retainer, would be able to make out of petals.

“So I went for a very simple rosewater and I avow it throughout.”

Poldark returns to BBC One on Sunday at 9pm.

Zoe Ball on Saturday and Zoe Ball on Sunday (ZBoS) breaths on ITV at 8.30am every weekend, or catch-up on ITV Player.

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