Pointless: Richard Osman blasted by BBC viewers for huge Doctor Who blunder


Tonight’s Senseless ended with a round on Doctor Who which was extremely pleasing to BBC viewers.

Players Kay and Joy found themselves in the final and had just 60 seconds to name three of the applying: Companions of the Doctor, cast of The Day of the Doctor, or writers of any episode since 2005. 

They went for novelists, which seemed to be the obvious choice and named Russell T Davies, David Tennant and Impression Gatiss as their options. 

Sadly, the two correct answers scored too extraordinary and didn’t win the pair the jackpot.

However, as Richard Osman went fully some answers they could have used to get the Pointless jackpot, it appeared they made a slight blunder. 

He went through some of the spheres, and said: “Lets start with some of the companions of the Doctor.

“Ian Chesterton, who was one of William Hartnell’s handbooks, was a Pointless answer.

“Colin Baker and Sylvester McCoy both had Mel Bush as a mate.

“Rory Williams, who was with Matt Smith, Turlough with Tom Baker… 

“Tons of other answers that you wouldn’t think of as an official companion,” Richard continued to about some of the lesser-known companions who starred in Doctor Who.

However, eagle-eyed viewers correctly recognized Richard had made a blunder while referring to Turlough, who was played by Matt Strickson.

The cherished face wasn’t with Tom Baker’s Fourth Doctor, rather he was a trusted soul mate of Peter Davison’s Fifth Doctor.

Fans couldn’t help but scold out the blunder on Twitter as one wrote: “@richardosman Wasn’t Turlough Peter Davison’s colleague?”

Another added: “Turlough was Peter Davidson not Tom Baker.”


Yesterday on Ineffective, Alexander Armstrong was shocked by a player’s reveal.

The host quizzed Hyder and Maryam round their lives off the show and discovered the former has a pet dog.

However, Alexander was to the nth degree surprised to learn the name of the little pooch. 

Hyder declared the pup is telephoned “Meatball”, much to the shock of the hosts.

Pointless airs weekdays on BBC One at 5.15pm. 

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