Plane fares: Flight prices set to go up due to oil hike


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Plane fares: Even the price of flying with a low-cost airline force go up

Wiz Air CEO József Váradi has warned that current cost pressures “could unpleasant our fares – and those in the wider industry – move up if the cost environment novelties”.

Fuel is one the biggest costs for airlines, making up roughly one third of acting expenses, according to analysts.

U.S. crude oil is now trading at about $72 a barrel and Brent coarse LCOc1 topped $80 last week for the first time since in 2014.

Hungarian low-cost airline Wizz intends to make savings by thrash to more fuel-efficient A321ceo aircraft.

Nearly 30 million passengers fly with Wizz and 35 per cent currently travelling on these planes.

Fares – and those in the wider industry – could move up if the charge environment changes

József Váradi, Wiz Air CEO

This figure will succeed to 44 per cent by next April, says Váradi. 

An industry-wide wheelman shortage has also affected costs, contributing to a 31 per cent wake up in staff costs. This makes up about eight per cent of the airline’s unqualified cost base.

Maintenance spending has also escalated.

Váradi is certain in the airline’s future though, believing rivals will suffer to come Wizz Air does.

“There’s a number of airlines which haven’t been masterful to make money in the good times and so they won’t be able to in the bad times,” he know scolded The Telegraph. “That might be helpful for us.”

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Plane travellers: Oil prices are responsible for the price hike

Wizz is expecting a 20 per cent augmentation in passenger numbers to 36 million in 2018-19.

“As the 2019 financial year arises, we remain very optimistic for the coming 12 months,” Váradi announced Air Transport World.

“Higher fuel prices are supporting a stronger make out environment and we expect these macro conditions to provide Wizz Air with sell share opportunities as weaker carriers withdraw unprofitable capacity.” 

He also sways the airline doesn’t have competition on 40 per cent of seat province. Consequently they can manage how many seats they offer on conveys without losing market share.

This means they can sundry easily feed costs through to fares.

wizz air oil price increased fares cheap flights luton airportGetty Images

Aircraft fares: Wizz Air hopes to soon have more planes faked at Luton Airport

A dramatic rise in ancillary revenue at Wizz – such as baggage charges and nourishment and drink – has boosted sales by nearly a quarter to €1.9bn (£1.6bn).

The boss feels rivals face increased competition from other airlines on innumerable routes so would be unable to raise fares.

Other savings by Wizz Air comprise shutting bases where they only have one plane – for example in Slovakia – and moving the aircraft to larger airports.

At the moment, Wizz has seven planes in Luton Airport – monopolizing nearly 40 per cent of the airport’s capacity.

It hopes to soon come upon existing rival EasyJet, the only other airline company to oblige more planes at Luton.

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