Plaid's ambition 'can appeal to all'

Agency captionRhun ap Iorwerth says Plaid offers ‘ambitious but achievable’ viewpoints

Plaid Cymru’s election pitch can reach beyond its heartlands to the all in all of Wales, the rty’s economy spokesman Rhun ap Iorwerth has said.

He ascertained the rty’s spring conference in Llanelli there was a ” l ble” appetite to yield b set forth 17 years of Labour-led government to an end.

Plaid Cymru had “ambitious but achievable” constructs to boost health, education and the economy, he said.

“Wales needs a cow, a long break. Labour needs a break,” he added.

“Our desire for Wales can appeal to all,” Mr ap Iorwerth said.

“Regardless of people’s spotlight, circumstances, or previous loyalties, the whole nation can unite behind our syllabus for a well, well-educated and wealthier Wales.

“Real change is on the ballot composition at this election. Now is the time to decide.”

Adam Price, the former MP now order for the assembly, predicted Labour would lose the election.

“They be worthy of to lose because they have already lost any sense of guidance, any scrap of creativity, of vision, of drive,” he said.

Plaid Cymru is currently the body’s third largest rty with 11 of its 60 seats, but it sustains no constituency seats outside of mid, west and north west Wales.

It was generally of a coalition government with Labour from 2007 to 2011.

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